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Our Team


Anila Kethe Ph.D.
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Kethe has been part of the patent prosecution team at Pergament & Cepeda for the last five years. She has assisted and supported attorneys in drafting and prosecuting numerous patent applications for high-value clients in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical and mechanical technologies. She has been supporting the attorneys in patent invalidity and infringement analyses and opinion work. She has expertise in prior art searches and developing preliminary technical strategies on generic product positioning.

Dr. Kethe's graduate studies were in the field of synthetic and physical organic chemistry at Northern Illinois University. As a part of her dissertation, she worked with superacids towards the synthesis of different heterocyclic compounds; studied the mechanistic aspects of protolytic defluorination of trifluromethyl arenes. Her work in synthesizing polycyclic aromatic compounds using superacid-chemistry was published in peer reviewed journals and presented at International conferences. Later, she worked for a generic pharmaceutical firm in their Portfolio and IP department selecting ANDA products for US market.

Specialty Areas: Life Sciences with expertise in Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Formulations, APIs, Biotechnology.

Education: Bachelor's in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osmania University (2006), M.S and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Northern Illinois University (2012), Candidate for Juris Doctor, Rutgers University, 2023

Prior Work Experience: Chemist, In-house IP and Portfolio Associate, Patent Agent.


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Languages: Hindi, Telugu