Gilman Pergament LLP

Firm Profile

Firm Profile

Why Use Us:

Expertise: In combination, our partners have decades of experience in all aspects of intellectual property law – with a proven track record of positive litigation results for our clients, even, and mostly, against much larger firms.

Continuity: Each of the partners expects to be in practice for a number of years and we are building an associate base of qualified attorneys to support us now, and presumably take over for us in the distant future.

Responsiveness: We take pride in our responsiveness and availability to our clients.  No problem is too large or too small, and we conform our teams appropriately and to achieve the best, most timely and cost effective results for our clients.

Value: Because we are an efficiently run boutique firm, with partners who lead and train our associates and paralegals in the best ways to achieve the best and most cost effective results for our clients, our value to our clients is second to none in the industry.